2012 – Growing the roots

All Beings Confluence  had come a long way in only one year.  It had grown to a community of 250+ Beings,  been installed in 9 communities throughout Canada and the US and more than 1500 people had the opportunity to interact with them.  It was time to re-group and decide what should happen next.  It was time for a rest. During this period some basic infrastructure was put into place.    Spreadsheets and data bases were created including all the information about the various panels and their artists. We tried to predict possible scenarios and then create the base that would allow for a wide variety of installations and proposed exhibitions, provide us with the ability to be able to track individual Beings if they were sent off to more than one location at a time and smaller venues.  New more inclusive contracts were written which had to be signed by all the creators of the Beings which were then collated and made ready for cross-border transportation, copyright issues, etc.  Each Being had to unrolled, inspected for possible damage and repaired and checked against the contracts and spreadsheets.  Some of the more active participants moved on to other projects and new companions of the Beings stepped forward.      

Because we have always envisioned this endeavor as being organic  rather than directed ,  we asked anyone who had been involved to tell us how they perceived it  moving forward.  We had a number of responses and the general consensus was for the project to continue, to stay together as a unit, and to grow in whatever way it seemed to want to go.  The time spent on the housekeeping chores ensured that we would, indeed, be able to be responsive, resilient and able to grow in any number of directions.

Here’s a summary of this year’s activities:

  • Saskatchewan is currently the home base for most of the Beings and there have been several events occurring in this area over the last year.
  •  A segment of  All Beings Confluence  was installedfor a performance by New Dance Horizons, a professional dance company in Regina, during a May Day Celebration and again for another week in the summer which featured a full installation in their dance studio as well as a procession of all the tree Beings through the downtown core.  There were two smaller installations in conjunction with visits by Carolyn McDade to Winnipeg and Regina in the fall.  As well, more Beings were created in three workshops held during the year.  This has brought the total of panels to around 170.
  • Springbank Eco-spirituality and Arts Centre in Springbank, South Carolina has hosted two gatherings.  Installations were mounted as well as Carolyn being invited to attend and facilitate a singing circle.  A number of panels were made each time.   
  • The Gaia Women of the Great Lakes Basin (Detroit and Windsor areas) made a number of panels for their own launch and have since then continued to create new panels. They held two workshops last spring – one in the Windsor/Detroit area and another in Northern Michigan resulting in an independent, separate “pod” of Beings that now number around 50 panels.  They have exhibited these on a number of locations – at the Sisters of Earth Conference in Indiana last July and at the Bioneer Conference in Detroit in October, as well as using them in conjunction with their Singing Circles.  They also have several future events booked  that they feel will be enhanced by  All Beings Confluence.




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