2013 – And so we continue ….

On the housekeeping front, we are now ready to launch a “Drop Box” which will make all the images of the Beings available for viewing online and make whole project more accessible to those who don’t already know about it.

In Saskatchewan,  All Beings Confluence   was a major component in a Women’s Forum addressing creative solutions to Women’s Issues last February in Saskatoon.  In Regina, the Ursuline Nuns are celebrating 50 years of work with women’s circles in Peru and have requested a small installation of works, including those made by some of the sisters themselves.   There are three upcoming workshops to make panels over the summer/fall and there are two proposals “in the works” for full gallery installations of   All Beings Confluence .

“Active Hope…for the Turning of the World” is the theme of the Western Women’s Conference at the Naramata Centre, in Kelowna, BC.  It will feature Carolyn Mcdade and Nancy Steeves as well as myself and a full installation of All Beings Confluence.  It will be followed by a 1 week retreat during which participants will make more Beings to be integrated into the Whole.

“Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves” is the theme of The Art Experience event in Pontiac, MI.  It is honoring the Gaia Women of the Great Lakes Basin Singing Circle  and will also feature an installation of All Beings Confluence.


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