2010 – The first steps

In October 2010, a group of strong, spiritually-focused, activist women gathered in Saskatchewan with Carolyn McDade to deepen their understanding of her new music for Widening Embrace.  Carolyn’s music has sustained many women over the years as they have continued doing the work they deemed important in the areas of human justice, social activism and environmental change.  Three women – Madeleine Lepage and Martha Cole from Saskatchewan, and Fenella Temmerman from Manitoba – started growing a seed that was planted there.

That seed has become All Beings Confluence.

Madeleine Lepage had the initial vision of people dancing through a series of panels in response to Carolyn’s song Remember Here.  The song is based on a conversation between Terry Tempest Williams, a writer and social activist, and Carol Kasza, who lives, works in and advocates for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The conversation took place during a canoe trip in the Refuge.  In the song, we ask the question, “What do we remember here otherwise forgotten?  What do we remember that we must ne’er forget?”  Carol’s very concise answer was “Wholeness”.    Indeed, I believe we all have a deep yearning for wholeness which is easily overlooked in the hectic pace of our day-to-day lives –  a yearning that often resurfaces when we slow down enough to witness the activity and to hear to sounds of the natural world. 




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